You can create as many new products as you would like but getting a patent is time consuming and difficult, even if you have a very good idea. The best thing you can do is to invent something that people can use that will help with their daily lives, and then go see the right people so you can have it developed.

If you have a good idea that will help people with their daily chores along with getting the kids involved too, then it should definitely be a money maker.  Regardless, this will take money and work while in the development stages.

The first step to patenting an idea is to do a patent search online and see if the product is already in existence.  The internet is filled with information about products so this is the best source to check. Do not chase after something that has been patented.  If you do try to patent something already patented, you are setting yourself up for legal trouble later.

One of the major disadvantages of trying to patent something is the cost involved.  It can cost several thousand dollars, possibly even five or six digit figures. There is a provisional patent you can get that is much cheaper, and costs only fifty dollars for one year to protect your idea.  This option will buy you time to get the higher cost patent.

All of the patents are handled by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Before you apply, make sure to do a patent application search. Though it is easy to do this process yourself, you may want to hire an attorney that specializes in this area to handle it for you.  For some, this may be ideal since a specialist in the area will know what you can and cannot do to get a patent and to prevent your application from being rejected. Once filed, you can get information on your pending patent and begin to market the product, assuming it is out of the manufacturing stage.

Another part of patents is that you must find a company that is willing to manufacture the product unless you are capable to handling this part yourself. If the item has been made by you, and can be easily produced again by you, you can save money by marketing the product yourself. There are many places you will be able to sell the item online to, such as auction sites or creating your own website to sell it. Keep in mind not to sell it before you have submitted the patent paperwork.

There are companies who can help with getting other companies to accept your product or idea.  Some may purchase the rights to the product or some may offer a portion of the profits to you.  There are some that will try the product as well before they accept it.  There are many companies you can contact but if you have had success already on your own, you will have a better chance of having the product accepted by other companies.

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